Howdy skippers,

Finally, a new podcast will be released a little later today. I don’t know how the fuck I went two months without doing this but, here we are. No time like the present and all.

This week, I want to talk a little about the importance of the path or journey we all take to finding our “purpose”.

First, I’ll disclaimer this by saying that I believe people can have a number of different purposes, crafts and trades and hobbies of all sorts that they could hone and master given the right allocation of time/effort. You could be the sickest Chef or a mind-bendingly thorough Accountant and, as unrelated both of these fields may seem, your success on these paths could be attributed to the same qualities or traits you possess. The thing that pushes you to succeed in one field could, potentially, be the very thing that pushes you forward in all aspects of your life.

It’s why we see certain people in our lives that we find ourselves in marvel of, sometimes bitterly or begrudgingly, as they manage to find success or equilibrium in anything they dip their toes into. These people know their strengths and, save for blind luck in some cases, work towards applying these strengths to everything that they do in their lives.

While they are often remarkable people with inimitable talents, it’s equally as important to remember that you can adopt that mindset of success and learn to hone your own strengths in the same way.

Will it change your life overnight? No.

But it’s progress.

This week, I’m going to talk a little about how both knowing and not knowing your intended path in life can be equally valuable. As easy as it can be to feel jealous that some folks find a purpose early in life, it’s just as important to remember that the growth on a path can be it’s own sort of valuable when the end-game isn’t as clear.

Let’s hear it, Helpless: did/do you know or not know your path, and how do you let that knowledge (or lack thereof) define the steps you take today?

Enjoy the new episode, folks, and tell a friend real soon.



Hiya folks,

After the brief shut-down of the entire city that I live in for the better part of eight days, preceded by a period of creative downtime on my end, I’m aching to fire things up again.

It’s been months since I’ve recorded a new episode for the show. And I haven’t a goddamn good reason as to why that might be.

I certainly haven’t been too busy. I mean, I’ve been busy. But, just, regular-life-busy. I’ve had plenty to say. Life certainly hasn’t showed any sign of slowing down. But dwelling is bullshit, too. As a really great comedian named Chris DiStefano once said, “If it won’t matter in five years, it doesn’t get five minutes.”

So I’ll have a new episode for you wonderful folks real soon. Maybe try to make 2020 a banner fucking year. Stay tuned, willya?




Happy friggin’ New Year to the bunch of you that have made year one of the Super Adult Podcast journey a magical and exciting one! It’s been wild to find myself on the other end of a goal I wanted to achieve, as even just starting this fucking thing was a chore in itself. It was kind of a measure in how much I truly wanted to put myself out there, as it’s tough to completely open up to a bunch of strangers about your deepest insecurities and struggles.

But, if it gives some context or comfort to just one of you along the way, I feel it’s worth it to make a horse’s ass of myself and bare the proverbial soul.

With New Year’s just behind us, you’re probably either settling into the new habits and paths you’ve carved for yourself. You’re trying to steer your rudder into the path you either see clearly before you or that you’re trying to imagine in your mind’s eye.

Or maybe you’ve entirely given up already.

No matter. We create this goal of changing our entire life overnight, as though the change of a number on your calendar can transform us overnight.

Hell, I can barely remember to write 2020 instead of 2019 until at LEAST mid-February (let alone remember BE A DIFFERENT PERSON). But we put these lofty goals in front of us, instead of taking baby steps and creating identifiable and achievable goals.

Goals that you can name and explain, goals that you can accomplish and scratch off a to-do list with a sense of pride.

Stop with the overarching statements, start your year off right with a win. I’ll be here if you need a motivational poster or high-five. You’ve got this.