Self-help for the helpless

podcast / weekly radio show

Super Adult is a self-improvement & self-help podcast dedicated to making us all a little less garbage, with the slowest steps imaginable. Join your host Brad as he navigates the stupidity of getting older and latch on to the nostalgia of being young & ignorant. Accompanied by a weekly radio broadcast on Sunday at 7:00pm, Super Adult paves the way to teach you what a successful person would do (according to one moderately-successful dingus).

Hey Listeners!

Got a Topic You’d Like to hear?

Though we like to keep a running catalog of readily-available topics on self-improvement and self-help (and there are endless given our personal deficiencies), we’re always bound to forget an obvious idea here or there.

That’s where you come in, faithful Helpless! Hit us up on Instagram @superadultpodcast and let us know what you’ve been struggling most with on the journey to becoming a completely average adult.

  • Self-Improvement: Anything at all that makes you even remotely tolerable.
  • Self-Help: The kind of thing that you might need therapy for (in which case do that because this is not that), but also could bounce back from after a well-placed motivational poster.
  • Self-Care: Not just for Instagram influencers anymore!