Seasonal Affective Disorder: Very Real, Very Garbage

Ahoy-hoy, folks! This is Brad, your podcast host and fearless leader on the Super Adult journey of taking baby steps towards just being a little less trash. We’ll be posting a great NEW episode real soon about self care and the importance of practicing gratitude as you become an old grumpy fart, but in the meantime I wanted to share some thoughts on the topic.

It’s tough to remember to be kind to yourself sometimes. We’re told to try our best to be kind to those around you, but we sometimes lose sight that it’s equally important to build yourself up and be your own biggest fan. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like you ARE your biggest fan.

I’ve hit this wall myself. Sometimes, a little self reflection pulls back the veil and shows us how little we respect the habits we’ve created or how little we understand the path we’re taking anymore.

I’ll always support self-reflection, but it’s just as important to remember that we need to properly focus our criticism. We often beat ourselves up for our missteps when we fail to acknowledge the importance of these moments. They teach us the wrong path, which is as important to discover as the right path. We fear and avoid the pain of taking the wrong path without truly acknowledging the power in fucking up.

Fucking up is, at its core, what defines you. While there’s certainly a more eloquent way to put it, the advice I’ll always give to those feeling like they’ve hit a dead end:

It isn’t about whether you’ve fucked up or even how badly you’ve fucked up. What you do next will be what truly defines you. Your reaction, not the action or cause, is the only thing within your control. Even when you aren’t always sure of the best route to take, it’s important to remember to react in a way that you would be proud of or would admire.

Don’t be afraid to be an idiot, Faithful Helpless. But, just as importantly, don’t be an idiot to yourself when things go to hell momentarily. After all, it’ll only ever be momentarily in the grander scheme of things.

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