“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

Look, I’ll be honest: at worst, I’m about the least together human that I know. I’m short tempered, I can be reactionary, and I let my heart do the thinking when I know I should let my head make the important calls.

I love to keep in mind that it’d be a hell of a lot worse if I lived obliviously unaware of these shortcomings, but I’ll also admit that it’s overwhelming to have a self-admitted problem in front of you with the sole solution being to simply be better.

Being better, at its essence, is simply acting how you would want people around you to act. Or, more specifically, act in a way that creates balance or harmony around you. Surround yourself with what builds you up, learn to let go of what inhibits you. At its core, it’s the simplest thing. Be the change, the ripple in the pool, that you wish to see in the world.

It’s a brilliantly advised first step to any journey of self-improvement, but the vague concept of being better means something different to everyone. To someone feeling walked over and taken advantage of, asserting yourself and standing your ground when you feel it’s necessary can feel like the logical conclusion to empower and better yourself with confidence and the ability to speak your mind freely.

All Great Advice.

All great advice.

On the other hand, I quite frankly can’t shut the fucking fuck up. I over-talk, over-explain, paraphrase and repeat myself to the point of utter exhaustion for those who have to be around me. So, being better means something different to me.

Sure, it means shutting my fucking mouth a little more. But it means listening, too. It means learning to give people the floor, rather than feeling like I have to proverbially hold court as a social role.

quite simply…

… it is my own way of learning to let go of control of a conversation and letting someone else have their say.

We’re all trying everyday. And we lose a lot of sight, when it gets daunting to step out of where you feel comfortable, of how truly well we are doing.

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