Hiya, folks

You know, truly, I’m at a loss as to how to start writing something like this. We’re twenty episodes deep and, if you haven’t at this point figured out what we’re about, I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to hep you figure this one out.

But, I can try: I’m a guy who tries to put an above-average amount of time and effort into being better. Not the best, or unstoppable, or top of the heap. Better.

Self-help can be a motherfucker of a rabbit hole to climb into. The deeper you go, the more you’re expected to suspend your own understanding of a thought. The more you learn to suspend the nature of your own impulse, the more you’re asked to trust in a doctrine beyond your own natural trains of thought.


On the right Path?

You’ll see growth and progress along the journey to becoming who you want to become. But there’s a lot of (for lack of a more eloquent/fancy-pants way to put it) bogus advice, programs and self-prescribed gurus out there.

So, here at Super Adult Podcast, we vow this to you from day one (or day three-hundred-and-sixty, whatever): we’ll never claim to have even a millionth of a percent of a clue. But we’ll give eight-fifths of a shit and try our best to help you be the most Super Adult you can be.

As always, I’m all ears for topics you’d love to hear us cover. Reach out in the comments or email me at berad709@gmail.com anytime if you’ve got any thoughts or feedback.