Happy friggin’ New Year to the bunch of you that have made year one of the Super Adult Podcast journey a magical and exciting one! It’s been wild to find myself on the other end of a goal I wanted to achieve, as even just starting this fucking thing was a chore in itself. It was kind of a measure in how much I truly wanted to put myself out there, as it’s tough to completely open up to a bunch of strangers about your deepest insecurities and struggles.

But, if it gives some context or comfort to just one of you along the way, I feel it’s worth it to make a horse’s ass of myself and bare the proverbial soul.

With New Year’s just behind us, you’re probably either settling into the new habits and paths you’ve carved for yourself. You’re trying to steer your rudder into the path you either see clearly before you or that you’re trying to imagine in your mind’s eye.

Or maybe you’ve entirely given up already.

No matter. We create this goal of changing our entire life overnight, as though the change of a number on your calendar can transform us overnight.

Hell, I can barely remember to write 2020 instead of 2019 until at LEAST mid-February (let alone remember BE A DIFFERENT PERSON). But we put these lofty goals in front of us, instead of taking baby steps and creating identifiable and achievable goals.

Goals that you can name and explain, goals that you can accomplish and scratch off a to-do list with a sense of pride.

Stop with the overarching statements, start your year off right with a win. I’ll be here if you need a motivational poster or high-five. You’ve got this.