Howdy partners,

Welcome back to the site, the pod, the blog, the myth, the legend! Glad to have you onboard, as always.

I’ve been taking too many hiatuses as of late; which, frankly, makes sense as this is basically as much a hobby as a hobby can be. I guess, in a sense, I’ve always been afraid to take it more seriously for fear of losing the interest in working towards something fun.

And truthfully, in reflecting, I’m worried the pod has been losing a bit of that fun. So, I’ll address the elephant in the room first.

I want to give a special thanks to Doug, who will be taking a leave-of-absence from Super Adult HQ for the time being. I’d like to say it’s a long, interesting or even dramatic story.. but, truth be told, it’s a pretty simple tale of a man chasing his life-long dreams. I’m super proud of Doug, and was so glad to have him onboard, but I think we both knew it would always be a short-lived co-host spot as he hoped to get his feet wet in the profession of his dreams. And, finally, he’s doing it.

So please join me in sending our well wishes to the inimitable, unconventionally lovable Doug for some great laughs and reminding him there’s always a seat for him should Ray Romano start firing up the Ice Age multiverse.


This week, I’m hitting up the old familiar territory of building a routine. This is something I’ve extensively struggled with in my adult years as I’m more often than not a creature of impulse. It’s interesting; in some scenarios, I meticulously plan with a level of control that is robotic. Others, I could care less and fly by the seat of the universe’s pants on all decisions.

So I want to empart a little helpful advice to you folks this week about how I try to be real with myself about where I am, what I’m capable of today, and go from there.

Leave a comment, follow the instagram and send me along a little message with your tips/tricks on sticking to a routine.

all the bests folks,

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