Hiya folks,

After the brief shut-down of the entire city that I live in for the better part of eight days, preceded by a period of creative downtime on my end, I’m aching to fire things up again.

It’s been months since I’ve recorded a new episode for the show. And I haven’t a goddamn good reason as to why that might be.

I certainly haven’t been too busy. I mean, I’ve been busy. But, just, regular-life-busy. I’ve had plenty to say. Life certainly hasn’t showed any sign of slowing down. But dwelling is bullshit, too. As a really great comedian named Chris DiStefano once said, “If it won’t matter in five years, it doesn’t get five minutes.”

So I’ll have a new episode for you wonderful folks real soon. Maybe try to make 2020 a banner fucking year. Stay tuned, willya?



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